The ASEES Group invites applications from entrepreneurs from the ASEAN region for Startup Ideas. The entrepreneurs get a ready platform to share their background and idea with panel members and investors. They get the opportunity to get mentorship from the best minds in the business and a chance to associate and get funded by investors.


The Startup idea can be submitted by any ASEAN National (from any ASEAN country) and should at least own 33% of the company, or is the founder of the company. The documentation for the each entry should be in line with the Guidelines documentation available to download in the section below. Please note, incomplete entries will not be entertained.

Prizes and Funding

The competition is open to startups looking to raise funds at Pre Seed, Seed or Growth Stage. There is also a cash prize for the top three ideas out of all the entries in the competition. 1st place secures RM 5,000, with 2nd & 3rd taking RM 3,000 & RM 2,000 respectively.

Application Form


Round 1

Participants are required to submit an Executive Summary, and a Business Model Canvas in PDF format before the 20th of June, 2017 to

Templates for these documents are included in the guidelines, which can be downloaded from the website. Entries submitted will be vetted, and winners will progress to round 2.

Round 2

Participants who make it to round 2 will be required to provide a 10-slide pitch, which should cover:

  • Clarity of Vision, Mission & Strategy
  • Product & Value Innovation – competitive advantage
  • How innovative is your product? How much of an opportunity does this present?
  • Team & Leadership – Clear team leadership, with experience to match.
  • Technology – In terms of innovativeness and ability to copy
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Strength of Business Model  – able to withstand issues, and scalable?
  • Financial Discipline

Round 3

The final round will be a live presentation by 5 chosen finalists on stage in front of the panel. The pitch will include:

  • 5 minutes presentation time
  • 5 minutes Q&A time


For any document submitted to count as part of the competition, they must match the suggested naming conventions listed below:

Executive Summary: <Company Name>_ASEES_ESS.pdf

Business Model Canvas: <Company Name>_ASEES_BMC.pdf